I first picked up a camera at age 11 when my Mom & Dad took me to Disneyland. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest brought the love of nature. College brought an appreciation for architecture when I got lost in studying the Italian Renaissance. After college, the first thing I wanted to do was see the architecture in person revealed in those pictures, and tell my own story with still pictures. 

Decades later, my fascination with freezing time to create still pictures is alive and well. Creating art through photography, whether naturalistic or architecture, excites me like that 11 year-old at Disneyland.

I develop each composition carefully playing with light, shadows and colors. Inspired by Oscar-Claude Monet, founder of French Impressionist painting, I blend hundreds of thousands of colors with light and shadows to expose dense layers, like a 3D image. My favorite medium is to infuse the composition onto and below the surface of aluminum. Each frame is a visual landscape, whether still or in motion. Viewers can immerse themselves in the richness for years to come. 

When I am not out and about roaming with my camera, you may find me working to create seductive advertising imagery that evoke emotional reaction or assisting a client design a modern living space. If you are interested in securing an art piece or collaborating with me, please drop me an email to [email protected].


Gregory, Chief Creative & Photographer 

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